Client Access

There are two sites that our clients can use to access their accounts. Please review the information below each option to determine which one will work best for you. We encourage every client to establish a login for both our Client Portal and Charles Schwab.


We encourage every client to use our client portal with Orion.

This is where you can access all of your accounts in one place.

Charles Schwab accounts and annuity accounts feed directly into our Orion Client Portal.

Note: If you do not log in to your account every 90 days, you will be locked out and will have to reach out to our office to unlock your account.


Charles Schwab serves as the custodian for our client accounts.

This login will not show any assets outside of Charles Schwab. If you have annuities or life insurance, that information will not be displayed here.

You can also access the following via the Schwab site:

  • 1099s and other tax-related documents
  • Custodial Statements

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