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Take a deep dive into financial confidence with the help of basic yet powerful insights into money management, investments and retirement planning. With easy-to-understand language and real-life examples, these books will equip you with the skills to make informed financial decisions.

Are you prepared for the next chapter of your life?

Whether traveling the world or spending more time with family, everyone has a different vision for life after work. To make that vision a reality, you’ll need to be as prepared as possible. In “Next Phase,” Lee covers several key issues, including:

  • Have you saved enough to do what you want to do?
  • What are the numbers that really matter?
  • How should you invest your retirement savings?
  • The tricks your mind will play on you.
  • The 5 Areas of Retirement Planning that everyone should address.

Your taxes go down in retirement, right?

You’ve spent years, decades even, diligently contributing to your 401(k). All those contributions were made with pre-tax dollars, which means that, in retirement, you’ll have to start paying Uncle Sam his fair share. But the taxes you owe in retirement will be less than what you pay now, right? Think again. In “Defuse,” Dan Cuprill and Lee Perkins explain:

  • Why your 401(k) plan is a ticking tax time bomb.
  • Why traditional solutions don’t work today.
  • How to diffuse the tax bomb.

Is Your Retirement Insured?

There are pitfalls that await you as you prepare to retire. If you’re not ready, they could stop you from getting the retirement of your dreams - that you deserve. This guide will teach you what you need to know to safeguard your future.

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